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Current work - Bishop Marshall panel, Llandaff Cathedral

Frame size: 1490 x 1500 mm

Medium:  Probably oil/oak panel

The panel was painted around 1480 as part of Bishop Marshall's throne.  The panel survived the Reformation, the Civil war, refurbishment of Llandaff Cathedral in the early eighteenth century, during which time the medieval furnishings were thrown out and the panel placed face in above the altar, nineteenth century renovations, the second world war bomb damage to the Cathedral and lastly the 1960's refurbishment of the Cathedral.  There are only five other wooden Bishop's thrones left in the UK and none of them have any paintings left on them.  The Bishop Marshall panel is a unique surviving painted remnant from a medieval Bishop's throne.

In the 1960's post war renovations of the Cathedral, the Cathedral Architect, George Pace, designed a sedilia, or seat, for which the Bishop Marshall panel acted as the back of the sedilia.  For the panel's safety and so that it can be better seen, the Cathedral is planning to re-display the panel on the wall in a protective wooden surround.  I have carried out initial stabilisation of the panel, and have made proposals for full conservation, technical analysis and designs for a 'frame' type surround that will fully support the panel structurally and suggest it's original setting as part of a three dimensional object as opposed to a stand alone artwork.