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I am fascinated by the natural world and man's interaction with it, the power of the River Severn, the amazing bridges that link the South West with Wales and the extraordinary diversity of geology and scenery of the coast. Around once a month, in the warmer seasons, I take a day off from work and explore and paint the landscape with my friend from Bristol. During the winter, when the nights are long, I enjoy painting nightscapes.  The shapes are defined by the lit spaces around them and the different shades of blackness rather than the objects themselves.


To purchase a painting; commission Rachel to paint a specific scene for you or as an unusual gift, please call on 0794 840 3136 to discuss.  All prices include frames.

The snowy view of Tresaith (please see the painting towards the bottom of this page) is also available as a Christmas card, £6 for 10 cards and envelopes


Frame size: 260 x 350mm

Sight Size: 143 x 232mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

I love the Old Severn Crossing and wanted to paint it with the New Severn Crossing behind it.  You can just see it in the distance behind and under the Old Severn Crossing.

Price £260.00 (SOLD)

Old Severn Crossing from the Old Ferry Inn, 2011

Frame size: 263 x 352mm

Painting size: 147 x 235mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

My friend, Carolyn, and I spent a day painting this view, but I had to leave early to go a rehearsal.  It was quite stormy and windy at first so we had to paint sitting in the car.  After I left, the sun came out, and so Carolyn's painting is a much sunnier, more inviting view of the River Severn and the bridge.

Price: £260.00






New Severn Crossing from Aust Old Ferry, Summer 2013

 Frame size: 262 x 352mm

Sight Size: 143 x 233mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

My husband and I crossed the Severn on our bikes and found this great spot by the ruins of the old Aust Ferry.  We realised later that the old ferry terminal was featured on Bob Dylan's Album cover 'No Direction Home - The Sound Track' from 1966.  The view of the New Severn Crossing was magical, but the vew of the Old Severn Crossing was spectacular too - I want to go back to paint that view too.

Price £260.00

New Severn Crossing from Black Rock, Sudbrook. June 2013

Frame size: 264 x 348mm

Sight size: 148 x 232mm

Medium:  Oil/Panel

The Severn is a formidable river.  At this picnic spot you can walk right along the banks and almost under the New Severn crossing.  Annoyingly I lost the top of my linseed oil bottle in the grass, no hope of ever finding it!

Price: £ 260.00


Old Severn Crossing from Littleton - on - Severn. March 2012



Frame size: 172 x 368mm

Sight size: 93 x 288mm

Medium: Watercolour on Paper

We cycled across the Old Severn Crossing to Littleton - on - Severn, pushed our bikes along a track, (Geoff fell in the mud), lifted the bikes over a stile and finally found this brilliant place to sit and paint on the banks of the Severn, North of Bristol.

Price: £150

Transporter Bridge, Newport. March 2014. (Sold)

Frame size:  240 x 295mm

Sight size: 121 x 176mm

Medium: Watercolour/paper

The first nice Saturday in March this year, we found this bench warmed by the sun along the Sustrans cycle route in Newport,  It was a perfect place to paint the Transporter Bridge along with familes out enjoying the sun, cyclists and walkers.  I found out that you can go on the Transporter Bridge when it opens in April!

Price: £150.00  (SOLD)

Heritage Coast Wales, Monknash Cliff looking towards Southerndown, tide half in. 2011. (SOLD)

 Frame size: 305 x 382mm

Sight size: 187 x 263mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

It took about three or four trips to finish this view.  Geoff composed a song 'Sing Girl' during these trips.  The colours of the coast along here are amazing - cool greys, warm greys, pinky sand and cool blues.

Price: £290.00  (SOLD)


Heritage Coast Wales, Monknash Cliff looking towards Southerndown, tide out. 2010. (Sold)


Frame size:  196 x 243mm

Sight size: 96 x 142mm

Medium: Watercolour/Paper

The mile or so walk down the path to paint this scene is a lot easier with watercolours.  There's so much less to carry.  We were rewarded with a beautiful view of the beach with the tide out.  Then, after a walk along the beach, you can walk all along the cliff tops in either direction.

Price: £150.00  (SOLD)



Heritage Coast Wales, Monknash Cliff looking towards Nash Point. 2011. (SOLD)

Frame size: 260 x 350mm

Sight size: 143 x 232mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

Sitting high up on Monknash Cliff, the cliffs to the East are amazing, but it was so cold, and so windy that we had to hold on tight to our paintings the whole time, and mine still has sand stuck in the paint in the sky.  We could only last for a couple of hours, then we retreated to paint in the relative shelter of the beach.

Price: £280.00  (SOLD)

Heritage Coast Wales, Monknash Cliff, 2012-2014. SOLD

Frame size:  350 x 260mm

Sight size:  232 x 143mm

Medium:  Oil/Panel

This cliff has stood since my friend Robert, now aged around 70, was a little boy.  In the winter storms earlier this year, the back section fell onto the beach platform.  I am glad that I managed to paint it whilst it was still there as a record of how it had looked for all that time.

Price: £280 (SOLD)


Monknash Beach looking towards Nash Point. 2012 - 2014 (SOLD)

Frame size: 266 x 358mm

Sight size: 157 x 250mm


It took years to get the time of day, the tide times and the weather all right at the same time to get this view - and at a moment when I was free to come down and finish this painting. 

Price: £280.00 (SOLD)

Swansea Harbour. 2013

Frame size:  264 x 360mm

Sight size:  147 x 233mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

Mission Gallery, Swansea used to do "Walk and Draw" sessions, and I did this painting of the harbour one day.  I love the way the dark harbour wall cuts into the sea.

Price: £240

Swansea Harbour, 2012 (SOLD)

Frame size:  196 x 243mm

Sight size:  96 x 142mm

Medium:  Watercolour/Panel

I did this little watercolour on another 'Walk and Draw' session from the Mission Gallery, Swansea.  The light was low and bright and almost dissolved the colour from the sea around the harbour wall, casting it into an even blacker silhouette.

Price: £135 (SOLD)

Cardiff Bay, 2013

Frame size:  263 x 345mm

Sight size:  147 x 230mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

In 2013 the Spring was so cold for so long that in desperation, in May, I sat in the car to paint.  The water and sky show how cold and grey it was, but the cranes and marina opposite give a hint of life and colour.

Price: £240

Bardsey Island, 2012 (sold)

Frame size:  196 x 243mm

Sight size:  96 x 142mm

Medium:  Watercolour/Paper

This island has such pulling power.  Something like over a thousand Christian Burial sites.  You can hire cottages on it, but if the weather is bad, you can get stuck on it.  Would love to risk it one day.

Price: £125  (SOLD)


Frame size: 264 x 347mm

Sight Size: 143 x 231mm


Medium: Oil/Panel


I painted this from the Bridal Suite (!) of the Ship Hotel in Aberdaron whose windows look out over the beach and at this view of the islands.   The Hotel was a chance find but it was a great one in an amazing location.  As a bonus we saw dolphins swimming in the bay that summer evening.


Price £200.00 (SOLD)


Night time view of Cowbridge looking towards Constitution Hill. 2012 (SOLD)

Frame size:  362 x 462mm

Sight size:  245 x 343mm

Medium:  Oil/Panel

In the Winter time, after work when the evenings are long, I thought it would be interesting to try to depict the glowing lights and rich blackness of the darks, and shapes delineated by the orange illumination of the sodium street lamps and cooler bluish lights from security lamps.  I was inspired to do these night time pictures by the work of Ernest Zobole.

Price: £250.00 (SOLD)

Night view of Cowbridge looking towards Stalling Down and the radio transmitter. 2012

 Frame sizes:  264 x 347mm

Sight size:  143 x 231mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

Another night view, with the 'S' of the dual carriageway snaking up the hill and the brilliant red lights of the radio transmitter.  Night views are difficult as you have to paint in the dark and you can't tell what colours you are putting on, otherwise, if you have even a small light on, you can't distinguish the different shades of blackness.

 Price: £240




Night view of a Cowbridge Close, 2012/2013

Frame size:  351 x 263mm

Sight size: 232 x 147mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

I painted this scene at night and then again in the daytime, the pictures provide an interesting comparison, a scene so different at night.

Price: £ 240

Daytime view of a Cowbridge Close 2012

Frame size: 352 x 265mm

Sight size:  232 x 148mm

Medium:  Oil/Panel

I don't normally paint cars, but I quite like the 'life' they add to an otherwise static scene.

Price: £240

View from the windmills north of Pencoed towards Ogmore by Sea, 2011

Frame size:

Sight size:

Medium:  Oil/Canvas

I love the way that you can just see the sea between the mountains in the distance, and even further away, the coast of North Devon.  It was a hazy, sunny Easter day in 2011 and I painted for around 5 hours.  Poor Geoff got sunstroke!

 Price: £330

From the windmills above Pencoed looking North towards Glyn Ogwr

Frame:  382 x 537mm

Sight size:  264 x 420mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

It starts getting very hilly north of the M4, you can almost imagine that you are at the foothills of the mountains that comprise the Brecon Beacons. We've cycled up here, and through the village of Glyn Ogwr, in the distance in the painting, and and there are some very good climbs.

Price: £240.00

Ogmore by Sea looking towards the windmills above Pencoed, S. Wales. 2012

Frame size: 265 x 357mm

Picture size: 159 x 249mm

Medium: Oil/Panel

Price:  £240.00

Barn in Cowbridge, off A48 near Llwyn Helig

Frame size: 241 x 295mm

Sight size:  121 x 176mm

Medium: Watercolour/Paper

I love old barns.  This one has another larger one nearby that I must paint before it falls down.

Price: £140

The Goose Pen, Church Lawford, Nr Rugby (SOLD)

Frame size:  230 x 282mm

Sight size:  115 x 164mm

Medium:  Oil/artboard

The door of the Goose pen is recycled from an old bunk bed, the metal drums are in a scrap heap but used to be part of my pony's jumps.  Its part of my family's history.  One goose is still alive at around 25 years old.



Campsite at Bala Lake. 2011

Frame size: 196 x 243mm

Sight size: 96 x 142mm

Medium: Watercolour/Paper

Price: £125.00

View of Arenig Fawr from Bala Lake campsite. 2011 (SOLD)

Frame size: 196 x 243mm

Sight size: 96 x 142mm

Medium: Watercolour/Paper

Price: £125.00 (SOLD)



Tresaith, Winter, Jan 2013. This painting is available as Christmas cards, £6 for 10 cards

Frame size:  265 x 357mm

Sight size:  159 x 249mm

Medium:  Oil/Panel

We had a two week holiday in Tan y Groes, near Tresaith in January 2013 when it snowed, even there, in West Wales, for the whole holiday.  It was beautiful, and a such a treat to be by the seaside in the snow.  This view is looking North from our cottage towards New Quay.

Price: £260.00

Geoff and Jasmine at home, Winter 2010

Frame size: 783 x 632mm

Sight Size: 645 x 495mm

Medium: Oil/Canvas

I painted this over several winter evenings when Geoff was playing his guitar and listening to music, I liked the different patterns of the textiles, and the fact that the cat managed to get into every indoor painting that I have done.

Price £ 1,000.00