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Rachel Howells Painting Conservation

Rachel Howells offers museum standard conservation work from her studio in South Wales. Rachel tackles all types of work from surface treatments to structural work; from early 15th century paintings to contemporary ones; for individual items or large collections; for private owners and institutions.

Rachel undertakes loan and exhibition work and staff training. Clients include institutions such as the National Trust, CADW, museums, galleries, churches and private owners.  


About Rachel Howells

Rachel Howells trained at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, qualifying in 1984 with a Diploma in Easel Paintings conservation.  Prior to that Rachel obtained a B.A. Hons. Degree in Chemistry from the University of York, Grade 2:1. 

Rachel has been working as a Freelance Painting Conservator in Wales since 1990 and is an ICON Accredited Painting Conservator, (ICON - Institute of Conservation).  Her details can also be viewed on the Conservation Register, found on the ICON website, www.icon.org.uk.


Estimates are given after thorough examination of the painting. I can provide guidline Estimates from photographs, but a more accurate Estimate will be provided from a thorough physical examination.

Estimates normally include an Assessment of Condition, Recommendations for Conservation, an Estimate of hours to complete the work outlined in the Recommendations for Conservation and an Estimated Cost of Conservation. Her hourly rate is currently £60.

Estimates are not quotations.  Occasionally when a treatment has commenced, unexpected delicacies are discovered or refinements to the treatment proposal are necessary that require modification of the Estimate.  If this occurs, the owner is contacted and the modifications to the conservation treatment are discussed and agreed before treatment continues.

Terms and Conditions

Work shall be carried out under the terms and conditions of the Institute for Conservation Standard contract.  This contract sets out the responsibilities and liabilities of each party.  A copy of the standard contract detailing the agreed work and estimated cost shall be completed and signed by both parties prior to the commencement of any work. 



Clients are advised to ensure that the painting is covered by the Client's own insurance policy at all times.  However, if specifically requested the Conservator will provide Insurance Cover, subject to an insurance value being agreed.  Any insurance arranged by the Conservator will be subect to the terms and conditions of the Conservator's insurance policy, a copy of which is available on request.  In the event that an insurance valuation is not agreed, the level of insurance will be based upon the market value of the property to a maximum limit of £5,000 per item, pair or set.

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Ceramics:  Peter David, Vale of Glamorgan.  pete@pjdceramics.co.uk.

Furniture:  Hugh Hayley, Carmarthenshire.  phoenixconserv@ation.services.com

Painted surfaces, Frames and Gilding:  Catherine Lloyd-Haslam, Powys.  clhaslam@onetel.com website: www.theconservator.co.uk

Paper:   Kate Newton, Ceredigion.  enquiries@newtonconservation.co.uk